System Integration

System Integration

MiQ Partners has a variety of integration related services available to meet our clients’ needs. Whether the clients need a new custom process station, third party equipment integrated into an existing line due to a product change, a capability or capacity upgrade to an existing system or a new system in its entirety, MiQ can provide any needed services.

MiQ engineers are well equipped to qualify multiple OEM subsystems and bring them together into a complete processing line or single machine including programming. This process allows clients to take advantage of existing proven technologies and integrate them into a customized end product at a lower total cost by minimizing the clean sheet design required. Or, we have experienced and credentialed engineers proven in many different industries and processes to create a clean sheet design.

Our project management-driven team is capable of handling everything from conceptualization, analysis, design, equipment specifications, procurement, and validation. In addition, MiQ delivers ongoing support from installation and startup to operator  and maintenance training.


  • Improved product quality
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced demand on your resources
  • Single source turnkey project execution
  • Faster production startup; equipment & operation qualification prior to installation

Engineering Resources

  • PLC controls engineering
  • PC software development
  • HMI software development
  • Redesign for efficiency, throughput, cost reduction
  • Flexible & responsive to change throughout the development process
  • Design tools: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, FEA, and others
  • Integrated design data management system
  • External product and industrial design resources available

Example Products

  • Blood sample processing machine
  • Battery cells
  • Meat processing equipment for medical use
  • Automation solutions for test cells
  • Rapid install of bottling production line, design and integration
  • Machine design and build for gas turbine engine testing
  • Cost reductions for PET scanners
  • Automated assembly machinery
  • Paper converting equipment
  • Soap packaging, manufacturing equipment and system integration
  • Automated testing station to fill battery cells
  • Automatic Air-Over-Oil press to seat seals into covers
  • Nacho cheese and chili dispenser
  • Cooling system for PET scanners
  • Machine retrofit for plastic bag manufacture
  • Product packaging
  • Safety and guarding packages for industrial automation equipment
  • Seal press station and seal / case inspection station
  • Toilet tissue coring
  • Trash bag selfing unit modifications

Industries Served