Product Development

MiQ: Product Development

MiQ Partners’ engineering team provides a total product realization roadmap, from initial concept to in-house finished production services. MiQ supports our clients’ growth by improving R&D capability and expanding capacity to allow the clients to focus on increasing market share and exposure. We apply our expert knowledge in product design controls and project management to ensure quick to market solutions that meet the clients’ product expectations and requirements.

We provide solutions from product enhancement, sub-systems development, to complex mechanical and electromechanical systems.  By utilizing MiQ Partners’ product development resources, we will:

  • Speed up time to market by utilizing our ability to be a one stop shop from development through production
  • Increase R&D capacity by leveraging our expertise in product development and a wide variety of manufacturing techniques
  • Mitigate development risks through rigorous product development controls and milestone gateways


  • Complete product development activities from concept inception to delivered manufactured product.
  • Detailed and fully defined engineering documentation to establish specification required to produce the product.
  • Generation of product development documentation to ensure the product is designed to meet all regulatory and legislative requirements. Including IEC testing coordination and 510K submittals.
  • Prototype generation by rapid prototype means from our in house machining and fabricating capabilities.
  • Transfer from finished development to full scale production under one seamless operation.

Engineering Resources

  • PLC controls engineering
  • PC software development
  • HMI software development
  • Redesign for efficiency, throughput, cost reduction
  • Flexible & responsive to change throughout the development process
  • Design tools: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, FEA, and others
  • Integrated design data management system
  • External product & industrial design resources available

Example Products

  • Concept design / CAD of modifications to meat processing equipment for medical use
  • Custom fitness equipment
  • Nacho cheese and chili dispenser for use at convenience stores and at event venues
  • New method for food dispensing
  • Product for body cooling for athletic training aid
  • Training equipment for home use
  • Toilet tissue coring

Industries Served