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As automated manufacturing and machining extends into the logistical operations of businesses in industries as diverse as consumer packages goods, medical equipment manufacturing, and industrial assembly, the demand for unique and flexible automation solutions has never been greater. This is even more true for industries that require precise assembly and testing for smaller devices and products.

That’s why when businesses need automation that fits a specialized application or processes, they come to MiQ Partners. We provide total solutions that start with material handling and cover everything from assembly, inspection, and testing.

Unique Solutions for Highly Demanding Industries

Each industry calls for a set of standards and requirements that require unique automation solutions to meet. That’s why our mechanical design team works closely with clients to develop long-term relationships where machines can be brought to life to suit any automation need.

We have extensive experience developing automation solutions like:

  • Medical and Life Science Device Assembly, Inspection, and Testing
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Production and Testing
  • Aerospace Component Assembly and Testing
  • Industrial Assembly and Testing

Medical Device Production Cells

Assembly, processing, and inspection cells developed for Medical Device partner.

Precision Assembly Development

Small part assembly development leveraging our relationship with robotic supplier.

Intelligent Tools and Design

Our engineering and design teams use the latest in automation technology to ensure that our solutions fit your business’s needs. With a combination of robotics, integrated intelligent moving systems, machine vision inspection, and multiple control platforms, we build solutions for precision assembly and testing.

Long-Term Relationships

Companies we serve want to ensure that their automation technology can change with the demands of  their customers and their respective industries. Furthermore, they want automation that provides effective, efficient, and safe assembly conditions without sacrificing the performance of their products or devices.

That’s why we focus on developing long-term relationships with our customers. We can help develop automation solutions for initial prototypes to final assembly, and we can augment machines that can change with the needs of our partners.

Case Studies

Medical Device Assembly

A medical device manufacturer needed a machine to assemble wearable devices with a high degree of accuracy. Previous attempts to automate the process were unsuccessful, and a semi-automated solution would have represented a major step forward for the customer.

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Blood Sample Collection

A medical device manufacturer required a method to automate the process of retrieving blood samples from their testing device. The original process was manual and took significant time to process each unit.

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High-Speed Dispensing

A Contract Manufacturing client of water-soluble pouches for detergents had a development packaging line system well behind production demand and requiring labor to recover from reoccurring shut downs everyday for a 24-hour operation. The scrap rate was 20% of all production and line efficiency was 72%.

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Packaging Automation

The customer needed to replace a manual carton making and packing operation with an automated unit. The automated solution required handling two lanes of the product at a combined rate of 140 parts per minute, while being unaffected by unbalanced delivery between the two lanes.

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