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Build to Print Partners

MiQ works with partners directly to build custom parts and components directly. Our build to print offerings include direct builds of any product to the exact specifications provided with complete turnkey solutions. We also work strategically with our partners to add value to any project or product with design solutions and improvements.

Build to Print and Turnkey Solutions

MiQ Partners has the capabilities and the capacity to handle discrete, fine-component orders or large-volume rollouts. Depending on a partner’s needs, we can handle the build, procurement, design, testing, and assembly.

Our extensive supply chain allows us to procure any materials to any specifications. We also integrate spec testing and verification into our operation so that we provide the highest quality of engineering and manufacturing.

Our partners get solutions that can function as simple turnkey solutions or more integrated and collaborative partnerships, depending on their needs.

Consumer Packaged Goods Sealing Cells

Partnership with Consumer Goods company to build sealing cells for a single use product.

Medical Imaging Equipment Build

Partnership with local start-up to produce state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment.

Collaboration and Improvements

When we talk about collaboration, we mean careful and expert assessment and strategic analysis that helps you maximize your design for production.

With our experience, we can work closely with partners to take an existing model, plan, or product specification and drive improvements through quality assurance measures and engineering support before and during the production phase.

We also work diligently to identify any issues that may impact cost or time prior to the final build.

We want you to focus on development and let us handle the execution.

Our Capabilities

When it comes to product development and Build to Print solutions, MiQ Partners utilizes high-quality procedures and technologies to ensure successful production and launch:

  • MRP Systems
  • Integrated Quality Assurance
  • Internal Machining Capabilities
  • Internal Supply Chain Support
  • Experienced Assembly Technicians On-Site
  • Integrated Testing and Design Improvement

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