Build To Print

MiQ has the capability of taking your existing equipment designs and providing you with a finished system. Because of our extensive design and build capabilities, we can provide you with as much or as little support as you desire. Below is a sampling of some typical divisions of responsibility that are often employed on a Build to Print project. MiQ can adapt a well-defined scope of responsibilities plan to accommodate your specific project needs and desires.

Build Only

Customer provides fabricated, commercial parts, associated hardware and or productive supplies along with assembly drawings and MiQ builds system to print.

Procure and Build

Customer provides the BOM, Detailed Drawings, Assembly Drawings and MiQ will procures all the required components and build system to print.

Turnkey Build

Customer provides MiQ with either of these scenarios along with an Equipment Logic Program and MiQ will build the system to print and validate the equipment at our facility.

Industries Served