Custom Automation

Custom Automation

MiQ provides custom automation systems to many Global 50 companies. Our solutions are tailored to address specific requirements that are often challenging, yet attainable with our resourceful design and engineering teams. Let MiQ evaluate your next production automation challenge and we’ll show you why our customers return to us time and time again.

We provide our customers with total automation solutions from material handling and assembly to web handling and vision inspection. We offer unmatched expertise in every aspect of process automation. Our experience in delivering manufacturing solutions includes integration of many types of technology. MiQ uses a focused approach from pre automation solutions to proof of principle, right to proceed, prototyping, through to a fully automated line.

Some of the technologies commonly used in our systems include:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Dispensing
  • Parts feeding
  • Printing and labeling
  • Molding
  • Vision systems

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Custom Factory Automation

  • Robotic integration
  • Component assembly and test
  • Web processing
  • Glass handling
  • Weld systems
  • Brazing paste systems
  • Ergonomically correct operator assist devices

Automation Capabilities

  • Assembly pick and place
  • Dispensing / filling
  • Cutting – laser, mechanical
  • Welding – laser, ultrasonic, RF
  • Testing – dynamic, electrical, air, fluid
  • Inspection – vision, gauging
  • Marking / printing – impact, ink, laser
  • Packaging
  • Batch control & system diagnostics

System Styles

  • Web handling
  • Power and free conveyor systems
  • Cartesian, gantry, SCARA & articulated robotics
  • Servo, DC & AC rotary indexers
  • Synchronous high speed intermittent motion and cam driven machines
  • Continuous motion assembly machines
  • Semi-automated & lean assembly cells
  • Custom assembly & test machines

Lab Automation

  • Reagent handling
  • Genome test equipment manufacturing
  • Pipette automation build
  • Complete automation design & build
  • Drug diagnostics
  • Immunoassay equipment build
  • Molecular diagnostics equipment build
  • Integrated chemistry equipment build

Semiconductor Automation

  • Clean room assembly automation
  • Test equipment
  • Oem builds
  • Prototype builds

Solar Automation Integration

  • Tabbing
  • Stringing
  • Busing
  • Lamination
  • Final assembly
  • Sun simulator
  • Robotics
  • Framing

Example products

  • Automated battery assembly stations for R&D development
  • Automated method to increase test cell throughput for turbine testing
  • Automated solution for leak detection within cast components
  • Automated testing station to fill battery cells
  • Automatic Air-Over-Oil press to seat seals into covers
  • Automatic assembly machine
  • Automation solution for new method of blood collection device
  • Battery cell making
  • Methods for bearing pressing and high precision inspection
  • Robotic packaging module
  • Seal press station and seal / case inspection station
  • Toilet tissue coring

Industries Served