MiQ Advantages

There are many advantages to choosing MiQ. We value your project from start to finish and provide outstanding manufacturing services.  Our leadership in the following areas set us apart from the competition.


At MiQ, our quality culture is company-wide. Our strategies include customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations, continual improvement, employee involvement, and structured process improvement and problem resolution.


MiQ takes a partnership approach by becoming an extension of your organization.

Let our professional project team bring your product to market, while you concentrate on growing your business.

  • New product design and development
  • Value engineering
  • Contract manufacturing design
  • Contract engineering

Companies of many types in a variety of market sectors, turn to MiQ Partners. We offer engineering services such as new product design, value engineering, equipment design as well as contract engineering.

The MiQ Partners engineering team have extensive experience with electro mechanical assemblies, high mix, low to medium volume production, and highly-configurable manufacturing requirements.

Engineering Resources (from Presentation)

  • PLC Controls Engineering: Rockwell, Siemens, GE, Omron, Mitsubishi and others
  • PC Software Development
  • HMI Software Development
  • Redesign for: efficiency, throughput, cost reduction
  • Flexible & responsive to change throughout the development process
  • Design Tools: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, FEA, plus others
  • Integrated Design Data Management System
  • External Product & Industrial Design Resources Available

Business Unit Structure

MiQ is a highly diversified corporation, with a broad customer portfolio.

Current Active Industries

Our business units are separate, specialized subsystems within MiQ, which act as independent companies, each responsible for its own profitability. When working with us, clients are partnered with a specific business unit manager. This manager will continuously analyze the client’s specific needs and adapt the business unit to truly become an extension of their organization. The infrastructure of the business unit is constantly tailored to best fit the needs of both companies. This structure allows MiQ to be flexible enough to support our clients while allowing the client to focus on market growth and product development.

Additional advantages to MiQ’ business unit structure:

  • Guaranteed IP protection, by dividing customers into separate business units
  • Easier planning of activities
  • Supports cooperation between the departments of the company with similar ranges of activities

Business Strategy

We at MiQ have defined our business strategy to incorporate these guiding principles:

  • Integrating lean strategies
  • Managing approaches to lower costs
  • Reducing time to market
  • Flexible, demand manufacturing
  • High diversification
  • Delivering innovative solutions and applying cutting-edge technologies
  • Solutions for complex technical design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges

Supply Chain Management

With our comprehensive supply chain management services, whether a product requires five components or 5,000, MiQ will manage the product’s total supply chain.

We work with our suppliers on their quality management and lead time management processes, and we develop supply agreements and contingency plans to ensure we meet the client’s production requirements. MiQ enables individual customers to reduce inventory and component costs, supplier risk and manufacturing lead times.

Our supply chain services include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP systems
  • Supplier qualification and development programs- Strategic partnerships with suppliers, distributors, and customers, creating communication channels for critical information and operational improvements
  • Supplier management in quality processes and continuous improvement
  • Make vs. buy analysis
  • Value-added engineering
  • Lean manufacturing methodologies
  • Reduced cost and inventory levels throughout the supply chain.

To ensure supplier excellence, we continually monitor the performance in the three key areas of quality, delivery, and service, and review these measures on a monthly basis. When corrective action or supplier adjustments are necessary, we work quickly to resolve issues. This allows MiQ to focus on uninterrupted on-time production and continued high product quality of the electromechanical assemblies we provide.


When it comes to risks, we recognize the inherent changes that must be addressed and incorporated as the field of safety itself continues to evolve. That’s why we constantly keep safety top of mind through hours of mandatory ongoing education programs and training sessions.

We are committed to the highest standards for safety in the industry. It’s our favored measure of success, and one that we constantly measure ourselves against, from the pre-planning stages all the way through final execution.

Safety – it’s our highest priority and our most valuable asset.

MiQ Partners, safety training is designed to ensure that our employees understand the reasons behind the rules. One way we do this is by getting employee input to help create programs that everyone understands and supports. Safety requires a conscious effort from each of us. Always remember, effective safety requires your active participation.

At MiQ Partners we are committed to providing safe work areas, machinery and equipment; to providing information, instruction, training and supervision; and to providing personal protective equipment. We are committed to creating an injury-free workplace for employees, suppliers, contractors, partners and visitors alike.