Program Management

MiQ: Program Management

MiQ Project/Program Managers are committed to understanding our clients’ requirements. With this strong foundation, we provide the right mix of planning by defining needs, balancing resources, monitoring, and controlling the factors that will make the difference in completing a project/program on time, on budget, and with high-quality results.

Project Management

Projects have a narrow scope with specific deliverables, keeping changes to a minimum, staying on budget, on time and delivering product to specification. Leadership is focused on task delivery and directive in order to meet success criteria.

Program Management

Programs have a wide scope that may have to change to meet the benefit expectations of the organization, Program managers expect change and even embrace it, focus on managing relationships, and conflict resolution. Program manager’s facilitate and manage the political aspects of the stakeholder management, they are providing vision and leadership.

MiQ Program Management

PM Procedures and Tools

  • Company-wide resource planning
  • Project Schedule
  • Release Schedule
  • Design Checklist
  • Open Issues
  • Readiness Initiative
  • Debug Checklist
  • Performance Tracking

 Internal Kick-off Meeting

  • Operations Team assigned
  • Sales and Applications Engineer present the RFQ, Quote, & PO to the assigned Project Manager
  • Schedule is prepared
  • Action Item list is started

Customer Kick-off Meeting

  • Operations Team, Application Engineer, Sales Engineer
  • What we sold / What you bought
  • Schedule is reviewed
  • Action Item list is reviewed