MiQ Partners Leading Industry for COVID-19 Testing Manufacturing

West Chester, OH – January 27, 2021 – MiQ Partners, a custom automation and manufacturing company specializing in medical device and life sciences, enters 2021 as one of the primary leaders in the fight against COVID-19 as a primary manufacturer of machines that automate the production of COVID related diagnostic devices. With locations in Ohio and California, MiQ Partners is proud to have the infrastructure, resources, and talent to help drive global solutions in difficult times.

“A business is really only as good as the impact it has on its local, regional, and global communities,” says Olaf Tessarzyk, CEO of MiQ Partners. “We are proud that our people adapted from lockdown to progress, and that so many of our staff that had moved on came back to help us help our communities. This is what makes companies great.”

According to Tessarzyk, healthcare was a driving factor in MiQ Partners’ having a record year in 2020, and will continue to be a big focus as the company expands to serve a variety of companies in medical device and life sciences sectors.

Selection criteria for many companies is MiQ Partners’ proven ability to accelerate project schedules while maintaining the product quality and integrity needed to maintain accurate diagnostic results. By increasing speed to market, more people are being tested in a timely manner which is critical to stemming infection rates.

“Even with years of experience manufacturing medical device and life sciences products, our team continues to develop new processes to assure we are always ready to meet current challenges with innovative and effective solutions,” said Harry Westerkamp, Chief Technology Officer / VP of Sales for MiQ Partners. “We are grateful to be in a position to help drive forward COVID-19 diagnostics and help slow down infection rates impacting people nationwide.”

MiQi’s facilities in both West Chester, Ohio and Carlsbad, California are supporting health-related product production as well as aerospace, consumer products and industrial machinery needs.

“Due to fine tuning our successful business model, we are prepared to continue to lead the way for automating the production of COVID-19 test diagnostics and other life science and medical products,” said Tessarzyk. “Our team members are experts in manufacturing processes across many life sciences industries and continue to stay ahead of the curve on key technology and solutions in order to reach the aggressive and critical goals of our clients.”

Parties wanting information about MiQ Partners’ production capabilities should email info@miqpartners.com.


Backed by 70 plus years of manufacturing intelligent ideas, intelligently, MiQ Partners is known for delivering strategic guidance that accelerates efficiencies and profitability while delivering high-quality, finished products across industries. Engineers, expert advisors, and manufacturing technicians bring intelligent ideas to life using best-in-class technology for automation, robotics, machine vision, precision part handling, assembly, testing, inspection, and more.

MiQ has earned ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certifications. Headquartered in West Chester, OH, the company also has a manufacturing location in Carlsbad, CA.

For more information, visit www.miqpartners.com or call 513 772 7000.

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