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MiQ Partners serves businesses in the medical and life sciences industry with custom device assembly and testing solutions. Patients, doctors, and technicians in these industries rely on accurate devices that they can count on to ensure the health and well-being of everyone involved, and they count on a manufacturing process that guarantees that accuracy.

We specialize in small part manipulation and assembly for medical and scientific devices built with particle-free equipment. We do so while managing the kind of flexibility required to allow assembly and device innovation to work together and put the most reliable and accurate products to market.

Advanced Tools for Advanced Medical Devices

To ensure that our machines meet all regulations and standards for the medical and life sciences industry, we use exacting automation tools for assembly and testing. These tools and solutions include:

  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • UV Curing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Heat Staking

Wearable Medical Device Serialization Cell

Two robots which three sets of grippers serialize six different components using UV 2D barcode marking in a fully-automated cell with a tray and cart handling system.

Heat Staking Cell

8 station precision heat staking and inspection for drug delivery device.

Specialty Solutions

The precise nature of this industry means that many applications need new solutions for any possible product. Our team has years of experience working with businesses in this industry and we pride ourselves on developing robust solutions for almost any device assembly problem.

We’ve built solutions that have improved medical testing and helped hospitals and doctors provide the level of care that patients deserve.

Our solutions not only serve patients, but they help doctors and technicians do their jobs. We have developed machines that are easily traceable for accountability and testing. We have also assembled clean-rom ready machines and machines with small part manipulation and assembly.

Most importantly, our team works closely with manufacturers to ensure that the machines with assemble are up to standards with advanced data collection and in-line testing.

Life Sciences / Medical Devices Case Studies

Medical Devices Assembly

A medical device manufacturer needed a machine to assemble wearable devices with a high degree of accuracy—think of the board game “Operation,” in which the player must guide an input precisely without touching an inside wall.

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Skin Graft Automation Unit

A medical organ and tissue recovery and processing firm needed to obtain larger skin grafts because larger grafts have better healing and less scarring for the patient.

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Blood Sample Collection and Testing Automation

A medical device manufacturer required a method to automate the process of retrieving blood samples from their testing device.

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Needle Assembly

A medical device manufacture required a machine to assembly a needle and final cosmetic button into a wearable drug delivery device.

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Footage of Our Solutions

Flyover of the needle assembly we built for a medical device manufacturer.

Footage of the small component and mechanism assembly we built for a medical device manufacturer.

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