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Any company working in a field that requires fine component assembly and rapid industrial manufacturing needs to invest in a real custom automation solution. MiQ Partners helps these companies by bringing our years of experience to bear on application-specific automation solutions that serve the long-term interests of our partners.

Whether you are looking to speed production, reduce cost-per-unit, or integrate testing and design into your unique industrial process, we can provide the support you need to make it happen.

Complex Assembly Needs Creative Automation

In an industrial manufacturing industry that involves smooth and precise component assembly, bottlenecks in production can mean thousands or millions of dollars in wasted effort over the course of a year.

Furthermore, ignoring new or emerging methods of streamlining manufacturing or logistical processes can be the difference between a profitable and struggling product line. We’ve helped customers in industries like

  • Traditional and Renewable Energy Production
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Food and Beverage Equipment Assembly
  • Sports Equipment Assembly

That is why we always plan to work with our partners with a long-term vision. We want to learn your processes and methods so that our solutions fit your needs, and not the other way around. Likewise, a long-term partnership guarantees that we can create a seamless relationship between our partners and the customers they supply.

High Temp Panel Transfer System

Robotic handling of large panels exiting oven.

Fully Automated Forming and Packaging System

Fully automated system which forms, bakes, cools, and packages product.

Drive Down Costs with Industrial Automation

Automation isn’t just about making production easier. We develop solutions that include

  • Machine Tending
  • Automated Component Assembly
  • Integrated Inspection and Testing
  • Machine Vision and Testing
  • Advanced Robotics and Material Handling

From conception to development and production to final shipment, your manufacturing process is smooth and efficient. That means more products produced, less hands-on maintenance, and an overall lower cost per unit.

Industrial Case Studies

Handling of Large Industrial Products (in excess of 50 lbs.)

Multiple workers received injuries due to repetitive heavy lifting. Products were also being damaged or dropped during handling. The previous manual processes required 12 workers and a 3 shifts operation.

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Production Line Integration

A high-pressure laminate manufacturer for the cabinet building and remodeling industry was ready to transition from a prototype, single piece, lab production environment into a pilot production line capable of producing 45,000 units per year.

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Gas Turbine Decoupler

Our client needed a custom designed automated tool capable of generating substantial clamping force in order to repeatedly couple/decouple gas turbine engines to a test generator.

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Industries we Serve

Semiconductor and Solar

MiQ Partners is an ISO 9001:2016 OEM contract manufacturer that provides equipment build services in the solar equipment environments.

We can also produce prototypes and then work to value engineer the equipment to drive out commercial and manufactured component costs.

MiQ Partners also provides automation assembly lines for solar panel builders.

Examples of Products

  • Integrated Built to Print job for robotic laser soldering cells
  • Photovoltaic wafer inspection
  • Solar cell inspection automation

Solar Automation

Subsea Assembly


When it comes to serving the Oil & Gas industry, MiQ Partners is second to none. When downtime can be measured in millions of dollars, the specifications for equipment and component reliability are exacting. The ability to manufacture and test in-house gives MiQ Partners the advantage to ensure our clients get the highest quality product on time to meet their demands. We have served every segment of the oil and gas industry, and have worked with the biggest names across the globe. From complete subsea chokes and actuators to complex BOP components, MiQ Partners has been a trusted supplier.

Examples of Products

  • Automated tooling system for coupling gas turbine engines to test cell generators
  • Machined parts


MiQ provides custom solutions for OEM companies. We also provide automation solutions for the Tier level suppliers to these OEM’s.

We provide design services from pre-production analysis through PPAP.

Examples of Products

  • Airbag riveting station
  • Automated seal press machine and part inspection station
  • Automatic Air-Over-Oil press to seat seals into covers
  • Gas line tube endforming
  • Laser soldering station
  • Leak tester for cast aluminum components
  • Oil seal press and inspection machines
  • Optical inspection stations assembly features
  • Pressing stations for transmission components

Robotic Assembly

Bottling Line

Food and Beverage

MiQ has successfully manufactured a variety of food and beverage products, including, proprietary shelf stable pretzels, bagels and bread sticks; and baked goods made from scratch in our SQF approved baking facility. MiQ Partners also provides our clients with packaging services including assembly, packing, vertical form, fill and seal, and more.

Examples of Products

  • Confectionary conveying, loading, wrapping, case packing
  • Food dispensing equipment for condiments
  • Material handling
  • OEM fill/seal/overcapping
  • Robotic cartoning system
  • Wipes machine retrofit to a coffee bagger
  • K-cups
  • Jalapeño peppers packaging
  • Popcorn and pretzel seasonings

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