MiQ: Consumer

MiQ Partners is trusted for their design & engineering support, validation, testing, system integration, product development, programming and prototyping expertise. The MiQ Partners team has been organized to meet the unique demands of consumer goods companies.

Some of the technologies commonly used in our systems include:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Dispensing
  • Part feeding
  • Printing and labeling
  • Molding
  • Vision systems

We provide our customers with total automation solutions: from material handling and assembly to web handling and vision inspection. We offer unmatched expertise in every aspect of process automation. Our experience in delivering manufacturing solutions includes integration of many types of technology.

Examples of Products

  • Battery Assembly Line Integration
  • Bundler/wrappers
  • Cartons and case packers
  • Container packaging: nesting, sealing, and stacking
  • Cut and place units
  • Plastic bag production equipment
  • Diaper manufacturing machinery
  • Die cutting, embossing, laminating, perforating equipment
  • High speed embossing modules and tooling for non-wovens and film
  • Garbage bag activation patterns and garbage bag drawstrings
  • Paper converting systems
  • Paper towel and toilet tissue manufacturing machinery
  • Proof of Principle Test Stands for Film Sealing
  • Soap stamping
  • System Integration and 24 hour installation of 300 part/minute production line
  • Water filter assembly machine
  • Web handling systems

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