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Consumer demand drives our economy, and businesses that are able to respond to that demand will succeed. Having a manufacturing operation with automation that makes prototyping, testing, and rapid product rollouts is a necessity.

We provide our partners with product development and assembly line automation that makes innovating, developing, and producing consumer products and goods simple and effective. And we work closely with these partners over the long term to ensure that their automation solutions always keep them one step ahead of their markets.

Consumer Products and Home Goods

Our automation solutions have helped companies produce home goods and consumer products that require high-volume production with accurate inspection, packaging, labeling, and shipping. Some of the consumer products we have helped produce include:

  • Batteries
  • Packaging for Home Goods
  • Paper Goods
  • Beauty Care Products
  • Garbage Bags

MiQ Partners specializes in machining complex tools, rapidly installing and commissioning new technology into existing manufacturing lines and building technologies that can be flexible with your changing assembly needs.

We can automate anything that requires rapid fill and pack lines, plastic processing, or paper processing lines.

Fully Automated Vial Transfer Cell

6-Axis Robot and Gantry Robot transfer vials between two conveyor systems in different batch sizes.

Liquid Dispense and Inspection Cell

Vials are robot fed and batch filled then individually inspected for fill level and for contaminants.

Testing and Protoyping

New products need to have the proper prototyping done beforehand to nail down the proper scope and requirements of their use and manufacture. With our automation solutions, businesses in the CPG industry can build design, prototyping, lab automation, and pilot line development into their assembly operation.

We merge manufacturing with design to help companies address late changes to products or quick time to market schedules.

CPG Case Studies

Packaging Automation

The customer needed to replace a manual carton making and packing operation with an automated unit. The automated solution required handling two lanes of the product at a combined rate of 140 parts per minute, while being unaffected by unbalanced delivery between the two lanes.

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Battery Test Cell

Our customer needed a partner to develop a test cell for use in developing new battery recipes. This test station was required to replicate the AAA and AA lines. It also needed to be easy to tear down and setup by lab technicians.

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High-Speed Dispensing

A contract manufacturing client of water-soluble pouches for detergents had a development packaging line system well behind production demand and requiring labor to recover from reoccurring shut downs everyday for a 24-hour operation. The scrap rate was 20% of all production and line efficiency was 72%.

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