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The Aerospace industry is a challenge for any manufacturer. Standards and requirements are high, and the low-volume, high-mix nature of aerospace manufacturing means that custom automation needs to be flexible, responsive, and rigorous.

MiQ Partners leverages years of experience in custom automation and industrial assembly to offer Aerospace manufacturers the precise and adaptable automation cells that can craft critical aerospace components needed for multiple applications.

MiQ Partners utilizes a history of flexible automation solution design to help new and established companies. This means that even suppliers just breaking into the aerospace industry will find the kind of automation support they need with us.

We are fully aware of how design, prototyping, and development need to work hand in hand with certification and regulations. We excel in developing components that integrate these requirements into all stages of assembly.

Turbine Housing

Aerospace components are machined and inspected to meet and exceed customer specifications.

70 Years of Experience

Unrivaled expertise delivering complex solutions for the Aerospace industry.

Tools and Techniques in Aerospace Assembly

Some of the tools and techniques we utilize in our automation processes include:

  • Machine Vision and Inspection
  • Fine Component Assembly
  • Integrated Testing and Verification
  • Flexible Automation Design

And more.

Furthermore, we have developed custom solutions for flexible electro-mechanical automated assembly cells and inspection for metallic processed parts.

Aerospace Case Studies

Flexible Automation (Small Batch High Mix Assembly)

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