Completed Project – Backdrive Assembly Machine

Our customer came to MiQ with an existing machine design that required quality and cycle time improvements. The system we developed produces 25 parts per minute, utilizes three vibratory feeder bowls to orient and singulate parts, a spring winding station to produce springs, and a centering guide to ensure springs are in the correct location before final press assembly. A Keyence vision system is utilized to inspect each part to ensure proper assembly. Finally the parts are offloaded to and “Accept” or “Reject” bin. The system is on a rotary indexer with internal lighting and light curtains for operator safety.

This system was completed at the beginning of the COVID pandemic and our team did an excellent job of adapting to our new reality, utilizing an assortment of web-based cameras, video conferencing tools, and the now well-known VFAT, or Virtual Factory Acceptance Test. Overall our customer is extremely happy with the end product and our system is running smoothly on their production floor!

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MiQ Partners Teams with NuShores Biosciences

MiQ Partners is thrilled with the opportunity to work with NuShores Biosciences. NuShores has won a 3-year, $2.8M contract from the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), a 501(c)(3) biomedical technology consortium associated with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command. MiQ will combine their automation experience with NuShores’ material sciences experience in bone regeneration scaffolds to develop multi-generational manufacturing solutions and a roadmap of the full expression of the factory in a box concept for future investment.

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MiQ Partners’ Machine Shop Move Complete

Settling in from the move to the West Chester, Ohio location early in the year, the new layout of over 11,000 square feet has the shop in optimal position for lower operation costs. With intercompany, vertical integration, and more automation projects and aerospace manufacturing, operations have improved significantly.

The machine shop staff is AS9100 certified, has two GE Aviation DSQR (Designated Supplier Quality Representatives), and has a CMM and Metrology Lab on-site. Our team handles CNC Milling, Turning, Wire EDM, OD and ID grinding, Surface grinding, Welding of aluminum, stainless, and structural steels, aerospace component assembly, and design for manufacturability.

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MiQ Partners Joins COVID-19-Ready Manufacturing Coalition

MiQ Partners has partnered with Warfighter Focused Logistics and other service disabled and veteran-owned small businesses to create a Coalition of Collaborating Companies. The Coalition has been established to form more effective and responsive public-private partnerships to address the COVID-19 pandemic. (more…)

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COVID-19 Manufacturing Readiness

The US Government is taking action to move medical supply chains from overseas to the US. MiQ Partners has excellent supply chain, engineering and technician teams ready to assist in the production and build of the testing units and medical supplies that are desperately needed throughout the country.

Read the full story at CNBC and Contact MiQ Partners here.

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MiQ Partners: The New Face of TSS Technologies and R&3D

You’ve known us for decades as TSS Technologies and R&3D. We have now combined our operations and integrated our teams to provide a bigger range of expertise and services to customers, and changed our name.

Our customers have come to rely on us as strategic partners—an intelligent, dedicated team who researches extensively, designs and builds thoughtfully, tests comprehensively, and provides complete implementation and support for the long haul. Our new name and tagline capture all these dimensions: MiQ Partners—Manufacturing Intelligence.

MiQ Partners offers what matters most to the success of any manufacturing project: The human touch backed by years of proven intelligence and insights for creating solutions that deliver outcomes, efficiencies and margins for customers across all industries. Not only do we bring intellectual depth to each project we do, we bring intelligent ideas to life using best-in-class technology for automation, robotics, machine vision, precision part handling, assembly, testing, inspection, and more.

Stay tuned for further updates from MiQ on new directions and expanded capabilities!

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Intelligent Work Floor Automation Robots

OMRON Corp. has replaced the Lynx line of industrial robots with the new Mobile Robot LD Series, a year after acquiring Adept Technology Inc. The combined Japanese-American company, OMRON Adept Technologies (OAT), is leveraging their combined skills to focus on integrating manufacturing floor automation solutions with human workers in a harmonious way. The new LD Series of Autonomous Intelligent vehicles (AIVs), released on January 20 in 33 countries, aims to achieve this by improving on many aspects of the previous line of mobile robots, with better usability, reliability, quality control and support.

The mobile robots navigate around factory floors using the physical features of the facility, and do not require additional guidance tracks or installations for regular use. Up to 100 robots can be managed via a single controller. The onboard AI can sense and navigate around people, vehicles and other obstacles, and through doors, using a built-in laser scanner. Additionally, an optional High Accuracy Positioning System allows for well-defined repeatability, using magnetic tape and a sensor. The robots’ physical capacity stays the same, with different models supporting maximum loads of 60 – 130kg (132 – 287 lbs.) and a maximum speed of 1.8 m/s (4 mph).


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Self-Healing Material Inspired by ‘Wolverine’

Self-healing material. Source: UCR.eduTechnologies once only found in the realm of science fiction are now a reality. Inspired by comic-book hero, Wolverine, a team of scientists has developed the first ionic conductor: a material which allows ions to flow through which is also self-healing, physically elastic and transparent. There are many potential uses, including self-healing robots, artificial muscles, improved batteries and biosensors and even transparent loudspeakers.

“Creating a material with all these properties has been a puzzle for years,” said Chao Wang, an adjunct assistant professor of chemistry at University of California, Riverside, who is one of the authors of the paper. “We did that and now are just beginning to explore the applications.”


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