Plastic Bag Shelving Units

Customer: A major manufacturer of consumer plastic bags.

The Challenge

Needed a modification to their selfing units to cut down on maintenance time and increase accessibility to the rolls that must be reconfigured or removed.  The current machine setup made removal of the rolls cumbersome and awkward.

Why Choose MiQ?

MiQ was selected due to its proprietary patented solution for manufacturing and testing plastic bags.

Our Solution

MiQ was able to provide the client with multiple concepts early in the design process in order to facilitate further discussions about their exact needs.  Follow the preliminary review a concept was selected, refined, and built on an aggressive schedule to meet the customer’s needs.  The new subassembly provided also included detailed instructions with pictures explaining exactly how to install into the existing machine.  The unit worked as expected by allowing better access to the rolls for maintenance with the use of gas springs allowing the subassembly to pivot out of the way with minimal operator effort.  This job resulted in a P.O. for a second unit to modify an additional machine.