Case Studies

MiQ provides outstanding services.

For almost 70 years, MiQ has been engineering solutions for satisfied clients in a variety of industries. From concept design to build-to-print, we offer the breadth of services to solve all your contract manufacturing needs. Below, we are sharing case studies of some of our recent successes.

Consumer Goods

A major manufacturer of consumer plastic bags needed a modification to their selfing units.
Candy Selfing Line
A candy manufacturer wanted to streamline and improve the packaging process.
Battery cell
A battery manufacturer needed to develop a test cell for developing new battery recipes.

Medical Devices

A medical device manufacturer required a method to automate the process of retrieving blood samples from their testing device.
A medical organ and tissue recovery and processing firm needed to obtain larger skin grafts.


Sports & Fitness

A subcontractor to a major gas turbine manufacturer needed an automated tool capable of repeatedly coupling/decoupling gas turbine engines.
A smart fitness company requested MiQ review their product design from a manufacturability stand point.