Completed Project – Backdrive Assembly Machine

Our customer came to MiQ with an existing machine design that required quality and cycle time improvements. The system we developed produces 25 parts per minute, utilizes three vibratory feeder bowls to orient and singulate parts, a spring winding station to produce springs, and a centering guide to ensure springs are in the correct location before final press assembly. A Keyence vision system is utilized to inspect each part to ensure proper assembly. Finally the parts are offloaded to and “Accept” or “Reject” bin. The system is on a rotary indexer with internal lighting and light curtains for operator safety.

This system was completed at the beginning of the COVID pandemic and our team did an excellent job of adapting to our new reality, utilizing an assortment of web-based cameras, video conferencing tools, and the now well-known VFAT, or Virtual Factory Acceptance Test. Overall our customer is extremely happy with the end product and our system is running smoothly on their production floor!