Why Should Medical Products Manufacturers Worry About ‘Smart Assets’ and Data Security?

In the current age, the rise of Internet-enabled connectivity has pushed advancements in various fields, in particular the medical industry. For medical products manufacturers in the field, you likely know the use of “smart assets” for medical devices has changed the industry and increased its reliance on technology. But what about security? Our team explores this topic and its implications for the industry below.

Smart Assets

Smart assets are the materials and products used in the medical industry to hold digital data – this can be information regarding product safety, sterilization records, chain of custody and various other business data. In the recent years, the medical industry has been relying on these assets more and more, making the Internet a key part of the medical world. Part of this increase has been driven by the need for FDA-mandated UDI compliance and documentation to identify and confirm product safety.


With the increased push to meet UDI standards in the medical profession, this has created a push back in the direction of the manufacturers – one for product identification and safe use. There is now more pressure than ever for manufacturers to make their products visible and accessible, all the way from the beginning of the process to clinical use, making now the time for these manufacturers to put quality and safety data into the products that they distribute.

How Is It Done?

Many companies are accomplishing this by relying on RFID technology, which although somewhat effective, is just one of the many potential solutions in the form of IoT-like connectivity. For example, RFID technology cannot survive sterilization, which means that tags must be placed on devices after the sterilization process. Not only is this a hassle, it also makes it impossible to track the full lifecycle data of products from the time they are manufactured all the way through their use.

Although the use of smart assets for devices in the medical industry will continue to rise, medical products manufacturers need to be aware of the security requirements and the best ways to meet them using next-generation RF technology. As a full service manufacturing company specializing in Contract Manufacturing, Machining, Automation, and Build to Print, our experts at MiQ Partners make it our duty to keep you up to date with the recent advancements in the industry.