Cybersecurity and the Manufacturing Supply Chain

Choosing connectivity or security is a big decision for manufacturers right now. Writing for Design News, Rob Spiegel explains that adding connectivity provides ever-increasing benefits, but also increases the risks of attacks from malfeasants.

Sophia cyber security tool in CAVE by Idaho National Laboratory, used under CC by 2.0. Cropped.The difficulty of making manufacturing systems communicate with IT networks only complicates the issue. A security expert from Booz Allen Hamilton, Pranav Saha, explains, “Cyber is a different language from manufacturing. It’s the IT language of routers and firewalls. Cyber fits into the business language of risk management, including mitigating risk with insurance. This is not the network language of sensors and drives.”

Previously, direct physical access was required to deliver an attack. But, as manufacturing plants open up to greater outside connectivity, cyberattacks are easier to carry out due to the ubiquity of internet connections. Management has to consider security as they implement these connections or will leave themselves open not only to attacks from skilled hackers, but subsequent attacks from less skilled agents who may purchase the hack over the internet.

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Sophia cyber security tool in CAVE” by Idaho National Laboratory, used under CC by 2.0. Cropped.

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MiQ Announces Joint Venture With CWM Automation of the United Kingdom

CWM_Usa_Square-360x360CWM USA, located in Cincinnati Ohio, is a joint Venture between CWM Automation of the United Kingdom and MiQ Partners in Cincinnati OH.  CWM brings years of proven Dairy and Food experience in the Cup Filling industry and MiQ brings long standing Manufacturing capability and service support.  Together these companies have the ability to deliver High Quality Equipment at an extremely competitive price and then service the equipment properly throughout its lifetime. These are two long established entities with a customer list that includes Del Monte, Olympic Dairies, BASF, P&G, JM Smuckers, SC Johnson, and Colgate Palmolive just to name a few.  CWM and MiQ together are poised to deliver high quality and reliable equipment.

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