Industrial robots are increasingly critical to productivity and competitive advantage. MiQ Partners furnishes robotics solutions backed by leading manufacturers.

Machine Vision

Bring the power of automated image recognition and processing to your application. MiQ Partners’ expertise in machine vision encompasses hardware, software, and a wide range of industries.

Precision Part Handling

MiQ Partners employs precision robotics at both large and very small scales to improve precision, repeatability, and speed in applications like automated assembly, order picking and packing, and part handling.

Process Automation

MiQ Partners is able to automate the processes needed for assembly and manufacturing processes through custom designs and integration of the “off the shelf” products needed for total process automation.

Precision Automation Systems

With a combination of robotics, integrated intelligent moving systems, machine vision inspection, and multiple control platforms, we build solutions for precision assembly and testing.

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High Volume Assembly and Production

From complex med device assemblies to items in your snack isle MiQ has the capacity and the capability to produce desired volumes while effectively managing budget, schedule, and quality.

Machine Build

MiQ Partners applies the technical know-how to each machine build by designing a unique program applying the skills and knowledge of our engineers, program managers, sourcing and technical staff. Every machine is inspected error proofed and functionally tested before its leaves MiQ Partners’ facility.

System Design and Runoff

Not only can MiQ Partners design and build complex production systems, we have the skilled staff and the facility capable of running our customers’ production activities large or small.

CNC Machining

Whether for prototyping or production parts, all are rigorously inspected and guaranteed for quality.

From Concept to Commercialization

MiQ Partners can bring a customer from concept to commercialization due to our supply chain, quality systems, engineering talent, and custom automation/machine build experience.

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Production Equipment and Systems BTP

Builds are executed according to detailed plans from our customers. MiQ Partners’ experienced engineers, program managers, sourcing and technical staff routinely review customer designs and documentation for completeness, part obsolescence issues, DFMA and cost effectiveness.

Component and Assembly BTP

Whether customer supplied or MiQ sourced materials, the production of anything from medical device assemblies to electronic components is efficiently managed and executed according to customer drawings and CAD, specifications, and work instructions.

Proof of Concept/Prototyping

Whether it is the first iteration or the final revision MiQ can step in at any step to help you build or produce your components, equipment, or finished product.

Partial Machining

MiQ can step in to achieve complex machining processes that would otherwise burden or disrupt our customers’ production lines.

Machining, Welding, and Fabrication

MiQ Partners provides complete build-to-print services, including materials sourcing when needed. Our customers enjoy detailed tracking and reporting throughout the process. We produce your components or products to your exact specifications and using the most efficient materials. We can step in to achieve complex machining processes that would otherwise burden or disrupt our customers’ production lines.

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COVID-19 Manufacturing Readiness

MiQ Partners has excellent supply chain, engineering and technician teams ready to assist in the production and build of the testing units and medical supplies that are desperately needed throughout the country.

Integrated Customer Team

All customer engagement involves strong communication and thorough research. We strive to be faster and better.

Highly-Acclaimed Service and Systems

Our teams build brilliant precision automation systems that grow our clients' competitiveness and profitability.

Strategic Support for On-Spot Solutions

We develop lasting strategic partnerships with our customers that extend beyond the initial engagement.

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Industry-Specific Expertise

We know the specific needs of your industry and have the technologies, assets, and experience on hand to solve your problem.

Manufacturing Quality

MiQ works continuously to maintain and enhance our certifications of quality.

Comprehensive Service

We build lasting partnerships with our customers from ideation through go-to-market and iterative improvement.

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